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In our contract welding works the core business consists of contract welding of series parts from semi-finished products provided by the customer using a variety of processes.
As a system supplier we can offer complete, one-stop-shop solutions based on customer specifications.

Manufacturing penetration is determined by the customer, as well as the number of pieces to be manufactured!

We are a modern, value-added industry partner. Processes aimed at optimising our business and quality procedures are constantly implemented, tracked and improved as necessary. The processing methods used for our customer's components are selected as a function of the application and technical specifications.

As a contract welding works we are embedded in our customer's value-chain. Fast and straightforward job handling using just-in-time, kanban and delivery-on-request methods are our strength and our daily business.

Complex components meeting the highest demands and parts mass produced in standardised processes are fabricated at fair manufacturing prices, at the same time striving to exceed quality specifications.

Jigs and tools are planned, designed and manufactured by us to suit your specific tasks and applications.

If requested, we can also offer a welding consultation during the design stage while the component is being created. The subsequent application plays a decisive role in the selection of the production method.

Materials processed: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals.

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